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project_Ode to Mason

While I was playing with the Mason’s imagery to produce a set of plates for the Hidden Art Curated Project I became intrigued by some of the abstracted qualities of elements of the design. I extended the image by creating a reflection of the urn and then scaled up the whole design to around 2mx 2m (the biggest I could make in Adobe Illustrator) and then I created a series of plate templates to lay over the top of this massive drawing. I wanted to create a set of plates that as individual pieces were abstract patterns, but when seen together gave an indication of the bigger picture.

This design diversion has combined together with ideas about customisation in the development of a new research project, Design your Own, which explores the use of the world wide web to enable other people to engage in the process of designing tableware


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Research Papers: Craft and Digital Technology


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This an archive site for Autonomatic activities up to 2010. Visit for project updates and news.


_001 Extended digital drawing

_002 ‘Cut out’ plates covering design background

_003 Plate prototypes

_004 Plate prototypes