Justin Marshall

project_Coded Ornament: Contemporary Plasterwork and the use of Digital Technologies_Modular stepped relief

This modular design is also based on patterns developed through using the Penrose tiling system. One of the key aims of the overall project was to develop procedures which did not require high levels of computer skills in order to achieve worthwhile results. To this end, one of the aims of this element of the project was to produce a 3D work using only 2D CAD hardware and software.

Another aim was to produce a small number of units which could be configured in a number of ways and used to create a meandering decorative paths through an interior spaces. These designs could move from wall, to floor, to ceiling, navigating around existing features. Layouts could be developed to indicate directions or to highlight/demark areas. Within the limitations of the rectilinear design of the units, large scale ‘line drawings’ could also be produced to create strong graphic imagery on a grand scale.

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