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"Repeat and Variation is a project designed to give the Autonomatic research team an opportunity to test out some of their hybrid hand and digital making methods, and give Hidden Art Cornwall members the freedom to approach digital technologies with a creative mindset".
Dr Katie Bunnell, Autonomatic, University College Falmouth

"Hidden Art Cornwall have collaborated with Autonomatic to provide our members with a valuable opportunity to develop innovative new products through the exploration of digital technologies. This project has helped designer-makers to increase their manufacturing capabilites and access new markets".
Jessie Higginson, Project Manager, Hidden Art Cornwall

The Repeat and Variation competition supported 5 members of Hidden Art Cornwall to develop their design work in new directions through 'hands on' experimentation - developing their individual visual vocabularies, through exploring the potential of digital technologies in relation to a variety of materials and other processes to produce form and pattern with infinite possibilities for variation.

All members of Hidden Art Cornwall were invited to a networking event on the creative application of digital technologies in designer-maker practice and a digital technology demo day. Members submitted ideas for the creative use of these technologies in their own practices. Five proposals were selected for development through a workshop where Hidden Art Cornwall Members worked closely with the Autonomatic Team. The results of this collaborative project were exhibited at the Hidden Art Cornwall Design Fair at Godolphin House, 26th - 28th August 2006.

This is the first collaborative project between Autonomatic, 3D Digital Production Research at University College Falmouth and Hidden Art Cornwall. We hope that its success will lead to future collaborations. If you have any comments or ideas related to this project, please email info@autonomatic.org.uk.

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