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Autonomatic 2
Design research symposium
University College Falmouth
Tremough Campus
Media Centre Cinema
Friday 15th September 2006

Our second symposium on September 15th focuses on the development of creative methods that contribute to 'humanising' the processes of digital production including: digitally capturing human gesture for the development of 3D forms; 'crafting' with 2D and 3D CAD software; and 'drawing' 3D surfaces using computer numerically controlled machinery.

The day will include international contributions from Fluidforms, www.fluidforms.at and Industreal, www.industreal.it along with updates on recent Autonomatic research projects by Tavs Jorgensen, Justin Marshall and Drummond Masterton, www.autonomatic.org.uk 

Prior to the symposium on 13th, 14th September we're running a small specialist workshop providing an opportunity to try out, extend and subvert some of the methods we have explored so far. See www.autonomatic.org.uk/workshop.html

There will also be a small exhibition of digital design production showcasing recent work from the cluster and including Fluidform's punchbag - put on a pair of boxing gloves and let rip to create a 3D form.

Symposium cost: £90
Workshop and Symposium cost: £250

See full schedule for the day
Download registration form

Or contact:

3D Digital Production Research
Design Centre
University College Falmouth
+44 (0)1326 370497



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