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Autonomatic at Metropolitian Works
"The word Autonomatic sounds vaguely familiar, yet it doesn’t appear in the Oxford English Dictionary. It is a hybrid fabricated from two other words: Automatic, defined as ‘mechanical’ and ‘working of itself without direct human actuation’; and the less familiar Autonomic, derived from autonomy, alluding to personal freedom and self-government. As such, it carries within it an intrinsic contradiction: Automatic suggests involuntary, repetitive, machine-like or machine-led actions; while Autonomic implies human self-sufficiency, independence and individuality. The question is, how can these two opposing forces or instincts co-exist? This conundrum lies at the heart of the 3D Digital Design Research Cluster at University College Falmouth (UCF) - a group of designer-makers whose raison d’être is to explore and extend the applications of digital design and manufacturing technologies - who have co-opted Autonomatic as their collective nom-de-plume." - Lesley Jackson, Writer, Curator and Design Historian

The exhibition includes ceramics, glass, furniture and plasterwork by University College Falmouth's 3D Digital Production Research Cluster - Katie Bunnell, Tavs Jorgensen, Drummond Masterton, Justin Marshall, John Miller and Ismini Samanidou.

Exhibition runs 7−15 March 2007
Opening Times: Mon-Sun 11.00am − 6.00pm

Metropolitan Works
Creative Industries Centre
41 Commercial Road
London E1 1LA
020 7320 1827

Digital Explorers II
University College Falmouth and Metropolitan Works present Digital Explorers II - a series of evening events in conjunction with Autonomatic.

The programme consists of presentations from design practitioners, craftspeople, researchers and technologists. Each evening is themed around the use of digital technology in ceramics, textiles, interiors and architecture, metalwork and jewellery, with some talks featuring demonstrations of cutting-edge digital equipment.

With the aim of inspiring and encouraging further exploration, the 3D Digital Production research cluster at UCF and Metropolitan Works have joined forces to offer this comprehensive programme, introducing innovative creative practices that integrate digital production techniques with established making processes. The cluster supports research that aims to ‘humanise’ processes of digital production such as: digitally capturing human gesture for the development of 3D forms; 'crafting' with 2D and 3D CAD software; and 'drawing' 3D surfaces using computer numerically controlled machinery. Metropolitan Works Creative Industries Centre supports the exploration of new technology in opening up exciting new areas for production and creativity.

Programme runs 7−15 March 2007. All events run from 6.30 – 8.30pm and take place at Metropolitan Works.For a full programme of events and information on booking, visit the Digital Explorers webpages

Repeat and Variation
"Repeat and Variation is a project designed to give the Autonomatic research team an opportunity to test out some of their hybrid hand and digital making methods, and give Hidden Art Cornwall members the freedom to approach digital technologies with a creative mindset" - Dr Katie Bunnell, Autonomatic, University College Falmouth

"Hidden Art Cornwall have collaborated with Autonomatic to provide our members with a valuable opportunity to develop innovative new products through the exploration of digital technologies. This project has helped designer-makers to increase their manufacturing capabilites and access new markets" - Jessie Higginson, Project Manager, Hidden Art Cornwall

The Repeat and Variation competition supported 5 members of Hidden Art Cornwall to develop their design work in new directions through 'hands on' experimentation - developing their individual visual vocabularies, through exploring the potential of digital technologies in relation to a variety of materials and other processes to produce form and pattern with infinite possibilities for variation.

All members of Hidden Art Cornwall were invited to a networking event on the creative application of digital technologies in designer-maker practice and a digital technology demo day. Members submitted ideas for the creative use of these technologies in their own practices. Five proposals were selected for development through a workshop where Hidden Art Cornwall Members worked closely with the Autonomatic Team. The results of this collaborative project were exhibited at the Hidden Art Cornwall Design Fair at Godolphin House, 26th - 28th August 2006.

This is the first collaborative project between Autonomatic, 3D Digital Production Research at University College Falmouth and Hidden Art Cornwall. We hope that its success will lead to future collaborations. If you have any comments or ideas related to this project, please email info@autonomatic.org.uk.

For more information visit the Repeat and Variation webpages or www.hiddenartcornwall.co.uk/repeat

Autonomatic at New Craft-Future Voices International Conference

link to new craft future voices website
04-06 July 2007
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design
University of Dundee, Scotland
Online registration now open. To register, visit: www.newcraftfuturevoices.com

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