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Katie Bunnell

Katie Bunnell, Andrew Smith and Oliver Hatfield

Affiliation: Autonomatic, Falmouth University

Key words: DIY CNC Tools, Expressive Mark Making, Ceramics

Conference Activity: Workshop Friday 11th July

Project summary:

The Super Slip-Pi (sometimes affectionately known as the Toftomatic amongst ceramicists) is a digitally networked, computer numerically controlled machine for ceramic surface pattern decoration.

Employing a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Tiny G, Super Slip-Pi is a low cost digital system designed to provide an inspiring demonstration of the ways in which the internet and digital production can come together as part of a distributed production chain for artisan ceramics.

The machine incorporates a digitalĀ  interface that enables users to create and upload imagery remotely via the web and aims to facilitate playful engagement in the production of ceramic tile designs. As a work in progress we invite conference participants to have a go and contribute their responses to it.

So come to play!

One question that arises from your project:

What do Craft practitioners have to contribute to the development of digital tools and technologies?