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Karen Gaskill

Crafts Council Innovation Programme and Make:Shift conference

Dr. Karen Gaskill

Affiliation: Crafts Council

Conference Activity: Plenary Presentation, Friday 11th July

Key words: Innovation, Making, Materials

Project summary:

The Crafts Council’s new innovation programme consolidates and
builds on a number of years of research and activity, such as the
Internet of Things Ideas Lab and subsequent Craft and Technology
Residencies in 2011/12, the Power of Making Exhibition at the V&A in
2011, the Crafting Capital: New technologies, new economies research
paper in 2012, and the Assemble conference 2012. Its agenda is to
support and drive the sector forward through catalysing new
knowledge, showcasing the value of craft in innovation, and seeding
interdisciplinary collaborations across craft and science,
technology and engineering.

Launching with the Make:Shift conference in November this year, the
programme focuses on how advances in materials, processes and
technologies are driving innovation in craft practice and creating
new opportunities for makers to contribute to innovation in other
sectors, including science, engineering, manufacturing and medicine.

The Crafts Council is working with technology, engineering and
bioscience partners in the lead up to November, gathering a
collective overview of current developments and areas of interest.
Make:Shift will bring together leading specialists, practitioners
and experts across sectors to explore current and future thinking on
making, materials and the role of craft in 21st century production.
It will showcase and debate new practices, and explore what a future
landscape for craft and making could look like.

Working closely with All Makers Now? this plenary presentation will
draw together relevant themes emerging from the conference
presentations, consider how they reflect the nuances of making in
the 21st century, and from an innovation perspective, question the
role and value of making, skills and materials knowledge in relation
to technological production.

One question that arises from your project:

How do making, material skills and knowledge drive forward
innovation in craft practice?

Image Credit: Sonic Pattern and the Textility of Code Event, Limewharf, 13.5.14. Image: Rebecca Mallinson.