Keynote Speakers

Recordings of Keynote Presentations

We are very pleased to announce our keynote speakers for the conference. They all bring a host of experience, intellect and talent and we look forward to their insightful contributions to All Makers Now.

manyFred3 b&WFred Baier
Fred Baier calls himself a furniture artist rather than craftsman. He is renowned for his avant-garde furniture that playfully blurs the boundaries between design and art. His career spans over 40 years, with work featuring in museums and held in numerous private collections. His pioneering work with digital technologies in the 1980s, makes the ‘Prism chair’ one of the earliest pieces of British furniture designed on a computer.

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Fiddian b&wFiddian Warman
As founder and MD of Soda Limited Fiddian leads it’s team of artists, developers and entrepreneurs in the development of creative tools that help communities work, play and learn together. The best known of Soda’s suite of innovative applications is the BAFTA-winning online construction environment, Sodaplay. Fiddian also teaches part time and if founder of Makers’ Guild, a knowledge sharing organisation for makers of all flavours.

Fiddian embodies a synthesis of creativity and technology and is passionate about the application of this hybrid in a range of social contexts. He is skilled and experienced in identifying underlying opportunities or challenges and innovating elegant strategies and solutions to meet these needs. His fifteen year experience of leading creative teams enables efficient and effective delivery of these innovations.

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Dr Jayne Wallace is a Digital Jeweller, Reader and Dundee Fellow at the Eclectric Research Studio, University of Dundee. She belongs to an emerging generation of designers from a contemporary craft background working with digital technologies to redefine conventions of how, why and with what things are made in our digital culture. The ways in which our bodies, and the objects that we associate with them, represent different facets of who we are, how we understand ourselves and our relationships with other people have long been a fascination for her. She develops hybrid forms of physical-digital artefact, such as digital jewellery, to serve as a platform both for the exploration of new ways for the digital to support our sense of self and also as a provocative lens on our current assumptions of the materiality and meaning of the digital.

In recent years a key focus has been sense of self in dementia and she has worked closely with people who are living with dementia as well as specialist adult mental health units in the National Health Service, UK. She is co-founder of Praxis and Poetics: Research Through Design conference – an experimental, discursive conference format physically foregrounding the artefacts stemming from the research.

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Chris_SpeedProfessor Chris Speed

Chris Speed is Chair of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh where his research focuses upon the Network Society, Digital Art and Technology, and The Internet of Things. Chris has sustained a critical enquiry into how network technology can engage with the fields of art, design and social experience through a variety of international digital art exhibitions, funded research projects, books journals and conferences. At present Chris is working on funded projects that engage with the flow of food across cities, an internet of cars, turning printers into clocks and a persistent argument that chickens are actually robots. Chris is a co-organiser and compere for the Edinburgh events and is co-editor of the journal Ubiquity.

Chris was PI for the TOTeM project investigating social memory within the ‘Internet of Things’ and the related ‘Internet of Second Hand Things’; PI for three AHRC Connected Community grants under the moniker ‘Community Hacking’ that explores parallels between virtual society (Internet) and actual society (communities); Co-I to the ‘Sixth Sense Transport Energy’ project which explores the implications for the next generation of mobile computing for dynamic personalised travel planning. He is also Co-I to the Hub of ‘All Things, New Economic Models for the Internet of Things’ (Warwick), Co-I on the ‘Creating trust through digital traceability project’ (Hull) and ‘Learning Energy Systems project’ (Edinburgh).

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