All Makers Now? 2014 Journal

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Individual papers


  • AMN2014_Arrigoni_et_al Gabriella Arrigoni, Tom Schofield, Teresa Almeida, David Chatting, Ben Freeth, Annika Haas and Diego Trujillo-Pisanty – Betagrams: Maker culture and the aesthetics of prototyping
  • AMN2014_Bernabei Roberta Bernabei – Digital Jewellery: The democratisation of authorship and ownership.
  • AMN2014_Bottomley_et_al Stephen Bottomley and Jennifer Gray – Beneath the Surface: Digital-craft borderlands in education. 
  • AMN2014_Clarke_et_al Rachel Clarke and Paul Dunphy – Photo-parshiya: Crafting and sharing cultural heritage in an international women’s centre.
  • AMN2014_Dreessen_et_al Katrien Dreessen, Jessica Schoffelen, Danny Leen and Ollivier Piqueray – Great Expectations and Big Challenges: A FabLab as facilitator for personal fabrication of tools to self-manage diabetes.
  • AMN2014_Goldsworthy_et_al Kate Goldsworthy and Helen Paine – Laser Welding of Textiles: A creative approach to technology through a reflective craft practice.
  • AMN2014_Hansen_et_al  Flemming Tvede Hansen, Martin Tamke and Henrik Leander Evers – Interfacing Design and Making of Ceramics: Expansion of ceramics practice through technology.
  • AMN2014_Kalkreuter_et_al  Britta Kalkreuter and Chamithri Greru – Match Making: Broadening cultural exchange opportunities through digital access to crafts.
  • AMN2014_Loveday_Edwards_et_al  Mary Loveday Edwards and Hannah Maughan – Community Making & Making Communities: Crafting non/digital interactions.
  • AMN2014_Luscombe_et_al  Philip Luscombe and James Thomas – The Petra Sancta Script: Connoisseurship in digital engraving.
  • AMN2014_MacLachlan  Lynne MacLachlan – The Creative Craft of Generative Design: New tools, same rules.
  • AMN2014_Maxwell_et_al  Mhairi Maxwell, Jennifer Gray and Martin Goldberg – Design-Archaeology: Bringing a Pictish inspired drinking horn fitting to life.
  • AMN2014_McCallum  Joanne McCallum – (Re)crafting Basketry: The experience of digitally interpreting a museum artefact.
  • AMN2014_Nissen  Bettina Nissen – Growing Artefacts Out of Making.
  • AMN2014_Novak  Justin Novak – Darwin: The designer toy platform as a m eans of academic inquiry.
  • AMN2014_Ravetz  Amanda Ravetz – Entry: Digital objects and the (dis)placement of knowledge.
  • AMN2014_Robbins_et_al  Philip Robbins, Keith Doyle and Day-Fraser – Hybridizing Emergent Digital Methodologies Across Legacy Creation Ecosystems.
  • AMN2014_Shorter_et_al  Michael Shorter, Jon Rogers, John McGhee and Erika Shorter – A Craft Technologist’s Approach Towards Printed Electronics.
  • AMN2014_Taylor_et_al  Rebecca Taylor and Cefn Hoile – Becoming a Culture of Digi-Makers: Curiosity, creative confidence and imagination at technology faires.
  • AMN2014_Thomas  Angharad Thomas – The Glove Project: Designing, making and researching.
  • AMN2014_Townsend  Barney Townsend – DIY 3D Printing: Open source 3D printer development by students of engineering product design.
  • AMN2014_Tyas  Matthew Tyas – Designing 21st Century Standard Ware: The cultural heritage of Leach and the potential applications of digital technologies.
  • AMN2014_Vones  Katharina Vones – Towards the Posthuman: Materiality and process in the creation of stimulus-responsive jewellery objects.