Can an object be a network?

How can a Craft Technologist democratise emerging technology?

“How can the intuition and humanity of craft knowledge be utilized through digital technologies?” 


Is it really the romance of object making that turns you on?

All Makers Now? 2014 Journal Now Available to download

All Makers Now? is a two-day conference exploring craft values in 21st century production at Falmouth University’s Penryn Campus in Cornwall on 10-11th July 2014.

The digital crafters in the Autonomatic Research Group at Falmouth University invite you to join them in critical debate about a radically transformed vision of 21st century production. In this brave new world of Makerspaces and Fablabs anyone can be a digital craftpreneur, harnessing the power of digital technologies to create, co-create, collaborate, make and sell.

Aimed at makers and researchers of all shapes and codes including hackers, crafters, inventors, designers, economists, curators and critical theorists, this two day conference will explore craft values, traditional making processes and novel forms of engagement, participation and interaction in digital and material cultures.

We welcome contributions from both within and beyond the field of craft.

The public response to the UK Crafts Council’s Power of Making exhibition in collaboration with the V&A in 2011 revealed a huge amount of interest in making in the 21st century. It provided insight into the richness and complexity of contemporary craftsmanship and highlighted the growing accessibility of digital manufacturing technologies, showing DIY machines that makers could keep in their sheds.

In his 2012 book Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, Chris Anderson proposes that the combined use of digital production tools and the internet have radically transformed designing, making, selling and buying. Virtually anyone can be a successful maker, starting their business from their own environment and driving it out into the global digital economy. The Future is Here exhibition at The Design Museum in 2013 and the Science Museum’s current show, 3D: printing the future, both re-enforce the potential to realise innovation rooted in individuals’ ideas through the interconnectivity of digital production and the world wide web.

All Makers Now?, a two-day conference at Falmouth University organised by the award-winning Autonomatic Research Group will raise questions about how, where and why the complex and subtly nuanced characteristics of craft merge with those of digital production, rapid prototyping and the superfast information highway. A vision of a world in which anyone can be a maker and an entrepreneur raises questions about the value of craft in 21st century production, enabling an exploration of its significance within a variety of disciplines and communities, and opening up new perspectives on its role in facing current social, economic and environmental challenges.